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Три сказки про одеяло - книга для детей

Sasha Kiseleva - Aleksandra Kiseleva (actress-model Motion capture).



Postcard "Happy Birthday!"    (polygraphy)

Magazine illustration    (polygraphy)

Wedding invitation    (polygraphy)

Character Landy    (web)

Game "Mouse hunt"    (game)

Animated film "Where do shells come from"    (animated film)

Animated postcard "Karaoke"    (animated postcard)

Web-site "Treasure Island"    (web-design)

Postcard "In a window"    (polygraphy)

Advertisement trailer "So says the Law"    (TV)

Postcard "Blade"    (animated postcard)

Book "Three tales about a blanket"    (polygraphy)

Game "Cycle race"    (game)

Character "MPIO"    (web)

Illustration "Morning"    (polygraphy)

Character Landy    (web)

Illustration "Fresh wind"    (polygraphy)

"Shaman"    (polygraphy)

"Amber" icons series    (web-design)

New Year postcards "Alion"    (polygraphy)

Missed ball    (web)

Postcard "Merry Christmas"    (polygraphy)

Illustration "Cheer-leaders"    (web)

Postcard "Reach the stars"    (animated postcard)

МР3 "Cowon"    (web)

Game series "AlionXteam"    (game)

Character image development    (sketch)

"Kamishi" site design    (web-design)

Illustration "The sun"    (web)

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